Bravado, The Latest and Greatest Component of our Predesigned Platform

You know buyers want search. So, naturally, that means you should give them search, right?


With that in mind…today, we’re beyond excited to announce Bravado, a brand new theme for our Predesigned Websites that Work platform! As expected, the focus of the theme is getting your traffic as quickly as possible into the search experience since that’s where the majority of your conversions will take place.

For those that have spent some time looking through our current predesigned sites such as,,, and — you’ve likely noticed they are all designed from our initial “Under Pressure” theme. There are a broad range of colors available for Under Pressure and a few different home page layout options, but allowing our clients to choose from multiple amazing themes has always been the plan for our predesigned platform. We wanted to spice it up a bit with an entirely new, SIMPLER look for our current and future clients to utilize — and Bravado was born.

Bravado is a bit less “bloggy” than Under Pressure and more targeted at those who want a dedicated site to get people straight into the search experience. We know from our analytics that 60-70% of visitors to the typical agent or brokerage site end up looking at listings — so we made getting to listings even simpler and more obvious. Of course, Bravado is still built on WordPress with all the great features that come with each and every one of our predesigned sites.

For those that want to take a peak at the first wave of Bravado clients:

Going forward, new clients will be able to select either theme when they signup for a new site. Current clients can request a change of themes at any time for a $75 charge to do the graphics and setup work (leave a request in the work requests portion of Geek Estate Pro).

As a side note, one of the questions we answer over and over from potential clients is “What colors are available?” And we now have a solution in the form of a brand new theme previewer that allows you to view our various themes and colors available on our platform.

See All Bravado Colors

Want to get up and running with Bravado (or Under Pressure)?

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As far as some inspiration for the theme, here’s the video that inspired our designer, Chris Hesenflow aka “WordPress Superman”, during Bravado’s design process.


Client Q&A: What is Domain Mapping?

As it relates to Virtual Results, domain mapping is the process of making your predesigned website appear on your own domain name rather than as a subdomain of

When we initially setup your predesigned site, it resides as a subdomain of until domain mapping is put in place. For example, or are both subdomains of our parent domain name.

Domain mapping is a two step process. Step 1 is that Virtual Results needs to enable domain mapping in our admin area. Step 2 is that you (the client) needs to update your DNS information with your domain registrar (GoDaddy, Dreamhost, etc). Instructions for step 2 of that process are located here.

Note: The front end of your site will be unavailable for viewing between steps 1 & 2 — but you can still login to the admin portion of your site via the client login HERE and edit content or settings. You just won’t be able to see the changes until domain mapping is finalized.

Hope this helps explain the mysterious issue!

How to Change (at) to @ in the Footer of your Predesigned Site

We’ve been asked several times how to change the “(at)” in your footer to an @ and make your email address clickable. Here’s the rundown for those that want to do it.

1. Navigate to the widgets section of your dashboard (underneath appearance)

2. Find the “Footer” area within the widget areas on the right and expand it

3. Remove the “Contact Info” widget with a generic text widget. Click the “contact info” widget and drag it to the center of the screen. Click the generic “text” widget in the center module of the available widgets into the same location that the “contact info” widget used to reside in.

4. Place all your contact information inside the text widget in the following format (this is example code from the text widget in Kurt Maier’s footer):

<li>Kurt Maier, Realtor</li>
<li>11155 East Ocean Air Drive</li>
<li>San Diego, CA 92130</li>
<li>CA DRE #: 01872851</li>
<li>P: 858.692.3704</li>
<li>E:  <a href=""></a></li>

5. Click “Save”

Hope this helps!