Falling in Love With Your Home For Sale

Valentines Day is fast approaching and love is in the air.  Share a little extra love with your home for sale this week and you may find a buyer sooner than you thought!  Buying a home is largely an emotional decision.  Buyers may try to rationalize, set limits, make T-charts, and even compromise when searching for a home, however typically the sale is made when a potential buyer “falls in love” with your home for sale.

As a home seller, you may feel challenged in trying to anticipate what you can do to make your home more inviting and attractive to a prospective buyer.  However, the following easy steps can welcome your buyer instantly and help them to feel as though they are “coming home” when they enter your property, so read on.

First, look out your windows.  Are they clean and inviting?  Do you have a pleasant view or can you camouflage it with some temporary plants just outside the window?  Whenever you leave or anticipate a home showing, remember to leave the window coverings open so natural lighting can show off your property.  The more light the better, so evaluate whether additional room lighting should be left on,  as well.  If the weather is nice and the outside noise quiet, consider leaving a window open to create a slight breeze.

Is your home comfortable looking?  Is the temperature moderate and the ambiance set without being overdone?  Soft music, flowing water from a fountain, or fresh flowers can leave a lasting impression about the “feel” of a home.

Your goal is to intrigue the senses throughout your home.  Whether it’s a soft blanket or an antique desk; if you have an unusual and beautiful showpiece, show it off.  Creating a lasting impression through touch or evoking a memory, since these are often reasons later given for why a particular home was chosen.  The sense of smell is very powerful, too, so keep in mind that baking cookies REALLY can help in the sale of your home.  If you do have the smell of baked goods lingering in your home, please make sure the cookies are available for potential buyers so disappointment does not cloud their view of your property.

Lastly, leave the house.  That’s right – let the potential buyer have a chance to feel that the house is theirs – if even for 15 minutes.  Your home buyer needs to feel as if they are in their new home.  For this reason, many professional home stagers recommend eliminating personal effects and photos when a home is being shown.  Remember, your main job as a home seller is to prepare your home so potential home buyers feel a sense of ownership and an urgency to make it theirs before they leave.

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Virtual Results Clients – Introducing Virtual Results PubSub!

At  Virtual Results, LLC, we are constantly pushing the technology envelope, striving to create a level of function and service that WOWs our clients… on a regular basis.

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