Deliver…or else.

The Web 2.0 consumer has a short attention span. This we know. But how short? How many times can we expect azerobutton searcher to click on a link or page BEFORE he or she gets exactly what they came for… WHAT THEY WERE SEARCHING FOR… three, two, one… I think not… Let’s try zero.

One of the great (unplanned) features of the BLOG is the long tail.. Yeah, Yeah, I know. SEO… But this is not about SEO. It is about the most efficient content delivery imaginable… zero click content delivery.

What do you search for and what do you expect to find when get the results. Let’s pretend a search for Large Pink Horse shoes… Okay, go to Google and type it in… What are the results? Let’s see…

Chances are you will get a site that has “large pink horseshoes” in the description… but when you go to the site? all you see is Large Pink Horses…. Wait is there a link to horse shoes? There is a link to the pair of horseshoes that are on the horse in the picture…. But I want all pink horseshoes…..

I am out…

However if I land on a blog post with content about Large Pink Horseshoes, how many clicks away am I now…. Here is the post…. Zero clicks.

Now, here is your challenge… How do you make your Real Estate Website, a zero click website. What are your searchers looking for, and how quickly can you provide it…

Build it and they will come.

12 thoughts on “Deliver…or else.”

  1. Great Post! It makes me think about the Diverse Solutions Chat widget that is part of their IDX solution. I LOVE the idea that by using the widget on my website, users can chat with me and I’ll get it on my cell phone, but I don’t like that they have to select an icon that says “Chat with Agent”, then put in an email and name (even though it isn’t mandatory to chat) before they are connected to a chat screen. Seems too many steps to me, and runs the risk of turning off the user who thinks they have to give me information before they can connect to me. In contrast, I can post the Meebo widget and users can start chatting with me right away. Now, if only I could send that Meebo chat to my cell phone….or better yet, Diverse Solutions (who I think is GREAT) could make a chat widget that cuts out the two steps it takes to actually chat with an agent (and I could get notified of that on my cell phone).

  2. Thank you Jim! Your “lesson” at the Irvine 4RealzEd event gave me a lot to think about in terms of how Assist-2-Sell delivers content to home buyers and sellers. This post is great reinforcement! Large pink horse shoes, huh?

  3. Linsey,

    We are here to help! You have the energy, now its just a matter of applying what you are learning!

  4. Great post! The difficulty comes in balancing elegant presentation (and no need for scrolling down to read a whole page!) with one-click ease. Solutions anyone?

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