11 thoughts on “SEO for WordPress in 10 minutes-Keyword Research”

  1. that was the best 5 minutes on SEO I’ve had~ I may go back and rewrite all my blogs!

  2. Good information. I really want to make the most of every moment I spend to generate traffic! It’s also good to confirm that I am on the right track.

  3. Great first post.  I followed the formula and wrote a simple post based on Google Keyword tools high traffic low competition results…and page one in a few hours.  OK, you have my complete attention and I’ll be watching for more good stuff.

    1. Glad to hear it Bill… Stay Tuned.
      Judi, We are starting slow, but will get pretty technical in weeks to

      Make sure you subscribe!!

  4. Wow! Now that is an impressive way to maneuver keywords… Love it… will be back to check out future videos. By the way, is it just me or does it wait for the entire video to load before starting to play… I tried three of the videos and it took so long to load I thought they were bad.. then when almost ready to leave.. this one began to play.  Wow…I almost missed this great video. Thanks.

  5. Thanks for sharing this informative video with us. I really like the concept of this post and I feel that this is a very unique and rare information that you have managed to compile.

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