Our New "Predesigned Websites that Work" Platform in the Works

The entire team here at Virtual Results has been incredibly busy building some amazing custom sites for our clients, but as both Jim and I alluded to, we’re also working on a brand new website product offering.

If you follow us regularly, you know that the Virtual Results differentiator is that we take a very analytical approach to website creation, and test and refine EVERYTHING. I think our design is among the best in the industry, but it’s design aligned with analytics — not straight design with the sole intent of looking beautiful. If, at the end of the day, your website is not turning traffic into leads, then you’re missing the POINT of having a website.

Until NOW, Virtual Results only builds CUSTOM websites that cost 5K and up. However, starting sometime after the first of the year, we’ll be releasing our brand new “predesigned websites that work” product offering utilizing much of the same great code we use today — for only $699! But it gets better. We are looking to fill our “BETA” group with 20 agents who are looking to revamp their web presence in 2011 and giving a discount on the setup fee in exchange for taking a bit of leap of faith based on our reputation for doing great work. We’ve filled about half that group already, so if you’re interested in being one of the early adopters for an awesome website offering at an extremely affordable price, please email me at drew at virtualresults dot net or use our contact form and select “Interested in our new Predesigned Website Offering” in the contact reason drop down and I’ll provide you further details.

We’ll handle your web presence, so you can focus on what you specialize in — selling real estate. Look forward to hearing from you! And yes, I know this blog post is a bit vague – I promise I’ll share more details offline 🙂

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