Cooper is our most popular site…  Not that the colors are for everyone, but most Realtors, (it seems) just cant quite get accustomed to a completely “stealth” content-driven website.  They like a touch of warmth, and we provide this with a header image and introduction that speaks to the area we are servicing.  Cooper is proven and the analytics are inarguable.  This site engages readers and converts them to leads…  Cooper is are old stand by.  Available in any pallet and with a few custom patches to make it your own, Cooper MIGHT be the site for you…

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One thought on “Cooper”

  1. Hi,

    I am getting ready to dump the expensive ($150 mo.) site above and get a WordPress website as I gather it is far more search engine friendly than regualr HTML sites. I came across this site as I was about to download one of the best looking and well laid out sites I have seen for Real Estate: Agent Theme by Studiopress – your Cooper site looks very well done except I would like something other than “Berry Ice” as a them color.

    Yhis is a true stealth site as I dont even see the agents Brokerage Name, which is pushing real estate commission regulations here in GA – I have such a site.

    Whit is the cost for this template and what help do you provide to set it up?


    Robert Whitfield

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