What's Coming in WordPress 3.1

I was just reading an article on WordPress Beginner about what’s coming in WordPress 3.1 (due to be released end of December). Here’s a bullet list of the features in the works:

  • Internal linking
  • Admin bar
  • Ajaxified Admin Screens
  • Separate Network Dashboard
  • Quick Press Template Tag
  • Improved UI for Searching and Browsing Installed Themes
  • Post Templates / Post Styles
  • Advanced Taxonomy Queries

As if WordPress is already rock solid out of the box SEO-wise, the internal linking capability is going to be a huge huge benefit to WordPress on the SEO front — and yet another reason that it’s the best website platform available!

We are seriously WordPress junkies — and, as with anything new in WordPress, we’re excited to begin using these features with our clients! Lastly, I wanted to note that there are a few new examples of Virtual Results sites in the Portfolio section of this site.

Welcome San Francisco Real Estate Services to the Virtual Results Family

This blog post is a little bit delayed (we’ve been beyond busy), but we’re pleased to welcome Brad Coy’s family brokerage site, San Francisco Real Estate Services, to the Virtual Results family! We’re super excited to have our first client in San Francisco (located in North Waterfront and really looking forward to seeing this one produce results for San Francisco Real Estate Services. As most of you know, Brad is one of the founders of the RE BarCamp movement along with Andy Kaufman (My East Bay Agent) and Todd Carpenter (NAR Social Media Manager). Welcome to the Virtual Results family Brad and team!

We’re working on a ton of killer new sites, so stayed here for further details!

A Couple Smoking Videos Hot Off Production

Two of our clients, Tom Ferry and The Partners Trust, have recently released YouTube videos. Virtual Results didn’t produce these, but still wanted to highlight them as examples of great examples of using video effectively as an social media marketing initiative.

Tom Ferry put together a rap video, “It’s My Swagger”, that plays into between selling real estate a few years ago vs selling real estate now after the real estate crash. Since posting it on August 30th, it’s been viewed about 1,000 times.

The Partners Trust put together a Real Estate Comedy about “The Listing Presentation”. Although I’ve never personally sold real estate (but Jim has), I’ve heard stories upon stories of these types of conversations from agents I know all over the country with unrealistic sellers regarding the value of their homes. This has been viewed over 3,300 times since it was uploaded just over a week ago!

It’s proven compelling videos produce views — are you producing viral social media videos yet?