VR Sales Q&A (Predesigned Websites that Work): What's Included for $99 per Month?

I’ve talked to a number of real estate agents with regards to the predesigned websites that work product offering we’re about to release. One of the questions that comes up over and over is “What’s included for $99 per month?“. First, let me preface the answer by saying this — you get what you pay for. Virtual Results builds high quality products that work; we don’t build subpar website products that don’t produce results. A big reason that I ended up working with Jim Marks at Virtual Results is that he cares more about building great products than everyone else in this industry. Our goal at Virtual Results is not to build products just to have something to sell to real estate professionals; our goal is to build the best damn real estate products on the web — and I think our high standards are apparent by looking at any of the custom sites we’ve built over the last few years (Gellens, San Diego Castles, San Francisco Real Estate Services, Rancho Sante Fe Community Home Finder, Sergio Banks). So, can you go setup a WordPress site and pay less than $99 a month? Yes. But does that mean you should? Not necessarily.

Without further adieu, here is what’s included for $99 a month when you sign up for a Virtual Results predesigned website:

  • Laser Fast Web Hosting – We’ve got a killer server setup that means your website will always load fast and won’t go down in the middle of a listing presentation.
  • dsIDXpress (from Diverse Solutions) – this is an extremely powerful WordPress plugin that provides fully indexable property listings on your domain, as well as home search functionality. It is largely due to dsIDXpress that some agent and broker sites have over 20,000 indexed pages (screen shot). Learn more about dsIDXpress here.
  • Altos Research “Lite” – Easy to use WordPress plugins that allow you to easily populate your website up to date market statistics, with integrated lead capture capabilities. Altos “Lite” provides access to market data for 4 ZIP codes. Learn more about Altos Research here.
  • Support – Access to “Geek Estate Pro”, a new internet marketing and WordPress community for tech savvy real estate professionals with a special section dedicated to resolving Virtual Results client questions. As a Virtual Results client, you’ll also have access to email and phone support should you need it.
  • Automatic updates & backups – We handle all WordPress core and plugin upgrades so you don’t have to worry about maintaining your WordPress instance and getting hacked. We backup your data so you don’t have to worry about losing it to a technical glitch.
  • Platform improvements – Part of what you get for the $99 monthly fee is continual upgrades to our WordPress website platform and access to new themes as we release them. The website you start with is not going to be the same website you have 2 years from now. In two years, it’ll be much much better with new features, functionality, and conversion tools.
  • A world class design and development team managing your website. We’ve been doing this a long time, and we know how to build websites that work.

If you want to sign up for a predesigned website that works, you can fill out the form located here.

If you have other questions about Virtual Results products or services you’d like answered, please drop me a note at drew at virtualresults dot net (or on Twitter @drewmeyers) and I’m happy to answer them (either publicly or privately).

Congratulations to the Winners of the Predesigned Websites that Work Giveaway

Last week, we mentioned that we were waiving the setup fee on two of our Predesigned Websites that Work to celebrate the coming launch of our new WordPress platform. Let’s get straight to the point — our two lucky winners are…

Winner # 1: Sarah Herda with Keller Williams Towne Square Realty
Winner # 2: Kristi Ferrara at Prudential Kansas City Realty

I’ll be in touch with both of them shortly with next steps to getting their website in the works! We’re still wrapping up some last minute details on our predesigned websites that work WordPress platform, but I assure you we’re getting closer by the day. I’ll post another update when we have our first live BETA site 100% ready so you can take a look at and click through a live site — but for now, to get a feel for these sites, you’ll just have to settle for a mock up located here. We’ve filled up our initial BETA group, but feel free to contact us if you’re interested in being one of the first agents to get a website after our BETA group!

Congratulations to both Sarah and Kristi!!

Inman Real Estate Connect & RE BarCamp Special – Win a Free Setup for a Predesigned Website that Works this Week!

Does your website suck? Do you want it not to in 2011? Well, if that’s you – then this post is geared towards you!

To celebrate the arrival of 2011 and the coming announcement of our first live beta clients for the new Predesigned Websites that Work platform – Virtual Results is giving away two Predesigned Websites that Work at Inman NY, this week!! There will still be the standard $99 per month charge for the website, but we’re willing to waive the $699 setup fee entirely for 2 people this week.

How do you enter you might ask? Simple. There are two ways to win:

  1. Find either Jim or me in New York City anytime between now and Friday and hand us a business card. We’ll randomly pick one business card from whatever cards we end up with this week, and waive the $699 setup fee for a Predesigned Website that Works complete with your own custom header.
  2. We know not everyone can be in New York this week, so we’re also giving away a site to someone who sends the following tweet to us “@drewmeyers @jimmarks http://bit.ly/hQ9I5H I want a Virtual Results Predesigned Website that Works #vr #icny #rebcny ” (yes, CLICK IT or copy/paste into your Twitter app). We’ll collect all the twitter handles from those who @ reply us with that tweet by end of day Friday (12 pm EST) into a spreadsheet, and randomly select one individual to receive the free site.

We know we don’t have a live site to point you to as of yet (we do have an example design file to look at), but there is no doubt in our minds this will be the best real estate website product on the market for less than $1,000. Virtual Results has been building websites for a long time, and if there’s one thing we know, it’s how to build a simple, yet effective seo-optimized site that convert web traffic to leads. What do you have to lose by not tweeting? Oh yea, another year of paying for a website that doesn’t work and adds nothing to your bottom line.

If you win, you’ll have your fully functional website by the first week of February. And for our current BETA clients who I’ve spoken with and already signed up, you can absolutely win as well – we’ll refund your setup fee or give you a credit for several months of free hosting if you’re selected.

Good luck, and happy tweeting!!

Come Find Us in NYC This Week!!

Both Jim and I will be New York City this coming week for RE BarCamp NY and Real Estate Connect. As some of you know, I’ve been out of the country for most of 2010, but am now back full time. I’ve spent much of the last month catching up with old friends and colleagues in person here in Seattle, but the real estate industry is a big place that spans the entire country — I haven’t seen many of my friends from the RE.net since New York Inman a year ago. Wow, how time flies. Hence, the reason I’m so excited for this trip to the East Coast. And as a company, Virtual Results has some amazing, amazing things in store for 2011. Our new predesigned website platform is going to rock, and our custom sites are getting better and better (and we’ve got a few amazing sites in the works)!

While in NYC, both Jim and I both be checking in via FourSquare (Jim, Drew) and Facebook throughout the week, and Foursquare checkins populate to Twitter (@jimmarks, @drewmeyers), so you have no excuse for not knowing where we are. Whether you’re an agent looking to figure out your web presence in 2011 (we DEFINITELY have something for you), a brokerage trying to figure out the best way to maximize your website to convert traffic to leads and optimize it for SEO purposes, or just want to kick back over a pint or two, we’ll be around and would love to talk to you. If you want to arrange a meeting with either one of us during the week, please either DM me or email me at drew at virtualresults dot net.

Looking forward to an awesome week!!

Welcome Andy Kaufman and the My East Bay Team to the Virtual Results Family

Only a few months after we launched Brad Coy’s site, we’d like to welcome one of the other co-founders of the RE BarCamp movement, Andy Kaufman, to the growing Virtual Results family. For those of you that aren’t aware, I LOVE RE BarCamps) and am looking forward to attending a few of them in 2011. Andy has been a friend of both Jim and myself for several years now as a result of the RE BarCamp movement, and it was a no brainer when he came to us looking for a site a couple months ago — OF COURSE we’d love to build a bitching website for him. I know I can speak for Jim when I say we couldn’t be more excited to work with Andy and his team going forward — he’s one of those people that’s just impossible not to like. Not a bad way to kick off the new year if I may say so myself…Andy, whenever i see you IRL again, next beer is on me!

Head on over to My East Bay Agent and let us (and him) know what you think!! If you want your own site, let us know.